Monday, April 19, 2010

My Adopt a Pug Pick for This Week is Tyson!

This is the beginning of a new feature for the Luna Charms blog.
Every Monday we will post a new Pug that's available for adoption through the Kentukiana Pug Rescue.

The Week of April 19, 2010 Pug Pick is Tyson!

Tyson (# 321) is a walking miracle. Life was rough for this 5-6 year old pug for a while.He was underweight when rescued and diabetic. He had to surgery to restore the sight in his right eye. 

This happy, curious fellow can now run faster and play with his foster brother. He just loves and celebrates life! 

He loves to play, loves stuffed animals, and loves people. At night he will snuggle in bed with you. Tyson is on a special diet and takes insulin shots.

Can your family or friends offer this sweet boy a forever home? To find out more visit Tyson's web page.

I'm a volunteer for the Kentukiana Pug Rescue. The sole purpose of this post is to raise awareness about Pugs currently up for adoption by KPR. It is based on Tyson's online description on the KPR web site. It may not have all the most current information. Please visit KPR to find out more 

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